Getting inky!

No I am not necessarily a fan of getting tattooed myself…I’ve actually had one removed. Bad mistake when I was 18 (and no it wasn’t a name!) and it cost way more to get it gone than the tattoo itself. But I LOVE the look of tattoos and the bold colors of a traditional tattoo. So this set is perfect cause you get large AND small tattoo style letter along with several traditional style tattoos which are so fun to color! I wanted them to look like tattoo boards when you go into the shops. So here are my creations-

Gotta have the MOM in there ❤️
I mean what love never dies??

I love the colorfulness of traditional tattoos!

You will have so much fun with these sets and I cannot wait to use them with my other Kindred Stamps sets! These will be available along with several other goodies this Friday, October 30, 2020 on![0]=AT29cAia-gsoc_kF2cJstev8blZsPENryNCBmNq5p7QLk-icyR52BrPj2MTGj16IVCt7Bg0_fi7487WtOhLUZh_4Mq5kwEY5QITNDRMbbUGueKm3DgqnkNaSFvhMFth8o6bikNHIkx386SPC6VdxankS_2yeVL_py7bIYo_jF3Lwh8-3ALdtO5XRmVgdH1qWfwIJNyQmkTHF_2uBDugHdsc3asW13wWgeGMl33Q8j-I

Thanks for checking out my blog! Annette


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